Wear your safety glasses:  yes, they are a pain, but nothing compared to rock particles in your eyes.
And, it would be wise to make sure anyone near the operator has them on, too.
These guns are powerful and the rock really zings off in all directions.

Keep water jet away from body parts:  you will draw blood, very fast.

Watch your P-trap:
your sink trap WILL clog with rock and slurry.
Just drape a towel over the bottom of the sink or wash tub;
gather it up and take it outside to wring and shake out when you're done.
Better yet, just use the gun outside, with a grounded outlet.


Water Gun


High Pressure Water Gun for cleaning mineral specimens.

A  “member suggested”  source:

Valley Litho Supply Co.
1047 Haugen Ave
Rice Lake WI 54868

phone: 800-826-6781
fax: 800-962-5924

Great price ($59.95 plus shipping as of 7/07/08; 04/30/09; still the same price 10/20/10).
Excellent service and return policy...
AND they stock the parts to virtually rebuild, should you get careless
and crack the ceramic nozzle, blow the springs, etc.

You can buy direct on-line from their e-bay store.

Click on or copy and paste the following address into your browser to go directly to on-line purchasing:

Also listed on the same page is a gun at $39.95.

However, this has been added since we purchased our spare $59.95 model early in 2010,
so we don't know if it is the same item. You may want ask if there is a difference in operation.


Valley Litho takes all major credit cards, but especially nice is that they prefer PayPal.
Also, a liberal 7-day return policy (so don't dawdle waiting to check out the gun when it arrives).

Personal note: The first time we ordered from them, the gun wouldn't build pressure- just sat there and buzzed. We phoned immediately and they sent a replacement (didn't even wait for us to ship back the first gun) and the replacement arrived NEXT day (another nice feature since they are close-by in Rice Lake.)  Second gun: the same thing. Apparently the entire case had the same problem, so, they rejected the first case, opened a new case and shipped the third gun which worked, and is still working beautifully, with a few extra parts thrown in for good measure. They paid all postage. Total time 'til we were up and running: four days, which is less time than waiting for a return call to place an order with two other sellers we have tried in the past and who don't seem to understand the words "replacement parts", a MUST if you're serious.

Thanks must go to Dave Boutin who originally found Valley Litho
and was kind enough to share his discovery with all of us.

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