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The Copper Country Rock and Mineral Club is an active organization of rock and mineral enthusiasts.
Through field trips, programs, and activities, the Club gives people of all ages, an opportunity to learn about and enjoy the magnificent world of Rocks and Minerals.

Club Activities

Field Collecting


Guest Speakers


Mineral Identification

Specimen Cataloging

Keweenaw Week

Social Events

Educational Programs

Hands-on Crafting

Located in the historic Lake Superior Copper District of upper Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula,  the Club is in a unique locality to take advantage of some of the finest collecting sites in the region ~ an area rich in mining and mineralogical history.

A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum
The Club has a close alliance with the A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum at Michigan Technological University in Houghton.

In addition to the Museumís world-class collection, the Seaman Museum staff often provide experience and support to the Club's activities. We also benefit through exposure to the Seaman Society that offers top-quality guest speakers throughout the year.

Field Trips
Field trips provide the perfect setting to explore the Copper Country. Each year, the Club schedules local field trips for active members, as well as occasional field trips out of the Copper Country. As more and more areas are closed to collecting across North America, the CCRMC adheres strictly to a policy safely and legally collecting specimens at some of the most productive former mine sites in the Lake Superior Copper District.

Is the Copper Country Rock and Mineral Club for me, and my family ?

Please Consider  These Member Benefits :

       Collecting minerals of this historic region.

       Learning to identify, prepare, display, and store minerals.

       The outdoors and photography.

       Mining and local history of the Copper Country.

       Micro-mounting mineral specimens.

       Traveling throughout the Keweenaw Peninsula.

       Meeting people with similar interests.

       Learning about the mineral world beyond our local area.

       Educational, interesting, and fun programs !

if you are willing to participate in the CCRMC's commitment to stimulate scientific and educational interest in
Geology, Archeology, and related earth sciences; and in lapidary craftsmanship.

Monthly  Meetings
The Club meets on the Third ( 3rd ) Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. 

Location is posted to the main page of this web site and sent via email to club members approximately one week prior to each meeting.  Meetings consist of a business session where activities are planned and finances and other actions reported. This includes planning field trips, programs, and the annual gem and mineral show. An interesting and informative program related to rocks and minerals, or a "hands-on" session involving the members in photography, micro-mounting, wire wrap, etc., usually follows the business meeting.

How  Do  I  Join ?
No experience or knowledge of rocks and minerals is needed.

ANNUAL DUES, effective January 1st through December 31st, of each year.
Dues paid for a partial year are the same annual rate.


NEW members join at rate of $10 per person and have a
30-day activation period prior to attending field trip.

Renewal rate on January 1st each year is based on member's participation the previous year.
"Renewal" refers to dues (of existing members) received prior to January 1st of next membership year.
After January 1st, membership is considered lapsed, and former member must re-join at "new member non-active status".

Active Member ~ renew status, annually due before January 1st. Based on previous year's activity, member attends 6 or more meetings each year; works on annual show or serves on CCRMC Board of Directors:    $10.00/Individual     $20.00/Family.
Can attend any or all excavated club fieldtrips at minimum cost of $25.00 per person/per trip, based on dozing costs.

Supporting Member ~ renew status, annually due before January 1st. Member is not able to attend meetings but is able to work on annual show.    $10.00/Individual    $25.00/Family.
Can attend an excavated club fieldtrip per year at minimum cost of $25 per person/per trip, based on dozing costs.

Non-Active or "New" Member ~ unable to attend meetings; does not work on annual show; does not serve on CCRMC Board of Directors.   $10.00/Individual.
Can attend one excavated club fieldtrip per year at Minimum cost of $25.00 per person, based on dozing costs.

Join by attending a regular monthly meeting; during the Annual Show in August; by contacting 2018-2019 President:Norm Gruber  pres@ccrmc.info ; or by mailing your $10/person dues payment (payable to CCRMC) to:

 Treasurer: Carol Wiitanen, PO Box 123, Copper City, Michigan 49917, noting the name(s) and age(s) included in your application, your mailing address, email address and contact telephone number.

CCRMC officers elected through July, 2019, are: 

President - Norm Gruber;

Vice-President - Rob Grabarczyk;

Secretary - George Schriver;

Treasurer- Carol Wiitanen;

Trustee - Allan Johnson;

Trustee - Steve LaBonte;

Trustee - Kathy Halvorsen.

The Copper Country Rock and Mineral Club is a member of the Midwest Federation of Mineralogical and Geological Societies.

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